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Elizabeth Daro

Emmy and Gemini-award winner Elizabeth Daro is executive producer/co-owner of Elias Entertainment. She has developed and produced projects with Universal, The Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Nicktoons, UPN, MGM, Amblin, Disney, Warner Brothers, Sony, Interscope and Imagine, among others.

Ms. Daro began her career as co-founder of Sitting Ducks Productions with internationally acclaimed artist, Michael Bedard, after spotting his iconic “Sitting Ducks” poster at a party. At that time she acquired the rights and negotiated an unprecedented overall deal with Universal Pictures spanning a decade.

Steered by Ms. Daro, the CGI animated television series, Sitting Ducks, was hatched. Co-produced with Universal TV, the series debuted worldwide to rave reviews and became a number one rated global hit. The series has been sold to over fifty countries and has completed fifty-six episodes. In the U.S. Sitting Ducks aired on Cartoon Network where it became one of its top-rated shows. Based on the success of the television series and the established appeal of the Sitting Ducks’ characters, an extensive global merchandising program was overseen by Ms. Daro. The program attracted over eighty licensees including a Happy Meal promotion with McDonalds, interactive games for Sony Playstation, Nintendo Gameboy, and Microsoft X-Box as well as tie-ins with Bed, Bath & Beyond, Chuck-E Cheese, Speedo, Bounty Towels and Kraft Foods. And in Japan the show has had such phenomenal success that four Sitting Ducks’ retail stores have been opened featuring the delightful feathered characters. Ms. Daro also produced an animated feature short that has aired in 2500 Regal Theaters across the country.

The Sitting Ducks series is based on the heroes of the best-selling children’s book of the same name. The book is part of a multi-book deal, which Ms. Daro set up and developed with Penguin/Putnam Publishing. As a worldwide success, Sitting Ducks has won enormous critical acclaim and numerous literary awards.

Ms. Daro was also at the helm of the Emmy and Gemini award-winning Santa Claus Brothers, a wacky animated prime-time holiday special produced with Film Roman/Nelvana for the Disney Channel. With its stellar cast (Bryan Cranston, Caroline Rhea), impressive ratings and reviews, The Santa Claus Brothers has become a perennial favorite on TV as well as on DVD, and it was released theatrically for the holiday season. In Canada, it was the number one rated show on YTV for the last several seasons.

Working with Saban Entertainment, Ms. Daro developed and produced the critically acclaimed and highly rated animated series, The Mouse And The Monster, which debuted on UPN and is presently airing worldwide.

Ms. Daro was then recruited to develop the new Pink Panther & Pals series for MGM/Cartoon Network. Additionally, Disney Studios tapped her to develop a new Mickey Mouse television show, updating the Disney icon for a new generation.

Most recently, Ms Daro developed and executive produced 26 episodes of the animated series, Zevo-3, for Skechers Entertainment, which debuted on Nicktoons as its highest rated show. The hit series is currently airing worldwide. Continuing her relationship with Skechers – and utilizing her music production background – Ms. Daro produced a DVD and soundtrack featuring the wildly popular Twinkle Toes franchise, which was distributed by Universal Home Entertainment. She also produced two commercials featuring Skechers’ top selling brands.

Under her current banner, Elias Entertainment, Ms. Daro is now combining her love of music with her ability to transform an idea into a best selling international brand. Recognizing holograms as the new frontier of global entertainment, Ms. Daro is forging a revolutionary model for marketing music to the teen demographic by creating the first American holographic teen pop star — JAYDEN.


Danielle Mentzer

Ms. Mentzer, co-owner of Elias Entertainment, develops and writes for television and feature films, as well as authors children’s books. She recently story edited twenty-six episodes of the animated series Zevo-3 for Skechers Entertainment.  Zevo-3 debuted on Nicktoons as its highest rated show and is currently airing worldwide.

MGM Television hired Ms. Mentzer to develop and write the pilot episodes for Pink Panther & Pals, the newest incarnation of the classic franchise. Based on her pilot, the series was sold to Cartoon Network worldwide.

Ms. Mentzer was also a staff writer on the worldwide hit series Sitting Ducks produced by Universal TV/Sitting Ducks Productions for Cartoon Network. Based on the popularity of one of her episodes “Duck Naked,” Walker Books Ltd. published a children’s book of the same name.

Additionally, Ms. Mentzer penned the environmentally themed children’s book, The Greenzys, which is the foundation for the premiere eco-friendly brand of the same name. Greenzys was launched at FAO Schwarz in New York, breaking sales records for new products. It was also featured on the cover of The New York Times, named a top holiday pick on Entertainment Tonight, ABC, Fox and CNBC, and praised by other major media outlets including People, Good Housekeeping and NBC.

Other development credits include the Emmy Award-winning Santa Claus Brothers (Nelvana/Film Roman/Disney Channel/Sitting Ducks), Twinkle Toes (Skechers Entertainment), Noah’s Blimp (Amblin), Katchoo Kids (Cookie Jar), and David & The Phoenix (Sitting Ducks/The Donner’s Company).