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Noah’s Blimp

Noah’s Blimp is an allegorical comedy, a wild fantasy, a buddy movie (well, buddy/gorilla), and a dash of romantic comedy. Although inspired by the biblical story, there are key differences between this tale and the Holy Word. Noah’s Blimp takes place in the future and the flood is an act of Nature -­‐-­‐ MOTHER NATURE that is. And she is piiiiissed off! Humans have been disrespecting her and defiling her creations for way too long. Now, she’s ready to kick some Homo sapien butt! Except for Noah’s, that is. Mother Nature needs him to save her animals. Noah is sure she’s got the wrong guy. He’s just a handyman! And besides, he couldn’t build a boat if he wanted to -­‐-­‐ there aren’t any trees left! It’s going to be a long forty days.